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Human Resource Strategy.
Nice to have OR Key?

Why have a Human Resource Strategy (HRM) in your organization…?
Well, it’s becoming increasingly clearer that linking and aligning the HR functions directly with the goals of the overall business is key to an important improved performance within the organization.

Let’s look at the main indicators in terms of developing and managing such a strategy:

Firstly, a strategic HRM with procedures directly involving the company’s employees ensures a dovetailed fit in terms of the “bigger picture”. It helps the organization align its plans by evaluating its current HR policies ensuring important commonalities of purpose.

A well managed and executed HRM strategy improves team building, team spirit and general camaraderie across all functions and disciplines in the business. The creation of a strategy that continually and consistently aligns itself with open and clear communication can have the major and measurable benefit of ensuring that all stakeholders feel that their views and opinions are valued and are being listened to by the organization’s hierarchy.

Measuring the progress of both the business and overall employee performance, is a clear advantage of having a HRM strategy. HRM plays a key role in measuring that all components of the strategy are being implemented effectively and on time. The (hopefully and ideally) happy marriage between HR and general management will result in the common monitoring of both individual and group progress, allowing for the updating and adjustment of a strategy for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Finally, a critical point of having an HRM is the requirement to it “keep it legal”, in terms of the varied laws that relate to employees, salaries and insurance etc. HR plays a key role in ensuring that any strategic plan is not only legal but is adaptable enough to allow for both changing times and legal circumstances.

So, overall having a HRM strategy is a valuable tool for any organization, big or small. Key possibly in a nutshell, is the alignment of goals and overall buy in from all stakeholders.

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